Fast and easily convert movie to iPad MP4 files on Mac.

How to watch movie on iPad widescreen for Mac?

iPad is the latest innovative product developed by Apple stores. And a USB cable is required to sync the iPad with iTunes on a personal Mac. If you already have a bundle of movies, then watch them on iPad big screen would be a great enjoyment. Firstly you should use our iMacsoft iPad Video Converter for Mac to convert movie files to MP4 that can be recognised by iPad. Here comes the article, if you are looking for ways to transfer, put and convert movies to iPad, then follow the step by step guide.

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1: Load movie files
Directly click "Add" button or choose "Add..." option in the top "File" menu, you will see a dialog window pops up, and select movie files from your Mac hard drive. When it is done, press "Open" button to load movie files.

iMacsoft iPad Video Converter for Mac

iMacsoft iPad Video Converter for Mac

2: Set output files format
In the left "General" panel, you can click "Profile" and select the option of "iPad MPEG-4 (*.mp4)" for output iPad MP4 files from movie files. The software allows setting different output formats according to different files.
iMacsoft iPad Video Converter for Mac

3: Adjust some parameters
1)After selecting certain output format, you can choose "General" tab on the right top which will show its general standard. You may set "Video Quality", "Audio Quality", "Output filename" by clicking "General" button.
2)After that, you can also choose "Advance" tab on the right column which will show its advanced standard. You may set "Start Time", "Video Size", "Bit Rate" by clicking certain settings.
iMacsoft iPad Video Converter for Mac

4: Set destination and start ripping
Clicking the "Browse..." button and select the output destination for saving in the pop-up window or directly enter a path of Mac HD, in "Destination" drop down list box, and then select movies in the file list you want to convert and press "Convert" button to start movie to iPad MP4 ripping. You can view converting process in the progress bar.
iMacsoft iPad Video Converter for Mac

Tips: How to put MP4 videos to iPad?
(1) Please click "Open" button in the software interface after the conversion is complete.
(2) Locate the converted files in the destination folder and add those video files to iTunes library.(support iTunes 10)
(3) Connect iPad to Mac, you will see the video files have already shown in iTunes library of "Movies" option. When your iPad is successfully recognised by iTunes, all iPad items are displayed in iTunes list. Click iPod touch icon, and choose "Movies" option to select several or whole video files you want to sync. After everything is finished, press "Sync" button to complete video to iPad transferring.
iMacsoft iPad Video Converter for Mac

iMacsoft iPad Video Converter for Mac
Without iTunes, you can also transfer these converted files to iPad easily with our product--iMacsoft iPod to Mac Transfer, iPhone to Mac Transfer or iPad to Mac Transfer software.

Tips: How to trim movie segment for output?
Select one movie file in the file list, click "Trim" button in the toolbar to open "Trim" window. You can clip the original video into several parts, then convert and output them separately or as a whole one. Set start point and end point, you get the segment you want to convert and output. If you don't satisfy with the clips you trimmed, please press "Reset" button to set accurate start and end point again.
iMacsoft iPad Video Converter for Mac
Tips: How to take screenshot when previewing movie file?
You are capable to make a stylish album using the snapshots taken from the video with this software. Click "Capture Frame" button at the left top of the main interface to take snapshot when playing the video and save as BMP, click "Open Snapshot Folder" to check the snapshot. You can also define the destination in your hard disk to save the snapshots.
iMacsoft iPad Video Converter for Mac